• _unknown_writer13 61w

    It's still you(-:

    I never believed in love at 1st sight
    But few years ago,
    When I saw u for the 1st time
    It was just like

    "Hey pretty stranger"
    " I think u look cute"
    "Can I get ur number"
    " I really wanna know u^_^"

    I kinda started liking u that time
    As the days passed
    & I was eagerly waiting to talk to u
    I was lucky enough & I got ur num really soon

    I was feeling kinda shy
    To talk to you
    But I couldn't wait & I just did it
    I blushed each & every time when we use to talk(-:

    We started talking more & more
    & then I realized that I was falling for u
    After few days I got to know that
    It was the same from u(-:

    Then our story started
    I still cannot express that feeling
    Which I felt when we started dating
    It was just so wonderful

    We created a lot of memories every other day
    I considered myself so damn lucky & blessed
    Cox I had u in my life
    I could see my future in you (-:

    U made me feel so special & precious
    U use to remember the every little thing which I said(-:
    We celebrated monthsaries & anniversaries together
    & our love was just growing fonder day by day❤️

    Even our relationship had ups & down
    Even we fought for no reason
    & u always use to come & convince me
    U were just so perfect babe(-:❤️

    Time flies in just a blink of an eye
    Idk but I could feel u changing
    We started talking very less
    U stopped giving me time

    Idk what changed u(-:
    U said me to forget u
    But how can I forget u
    When u gave me so much to remember

    I never even thought in my bad dreams
    That u would turned out to be like this
    Maybe I wasn't enough for u
    Maybe u replaced me with some other

    I thought of spending my life with u
    But maybe we weren't made for each other:'(:'(
    But babe I still can't get over u
    U're always on my mind

    Though our bond didn't have a happy ending
    But I still love u<3
    It's you it's always u &
    It's still u(-:
    ~Urs maimu(-: