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    Hello my loves ❤️ thank you for caring and being so very kind to me ☺️ y'all have a special place in my heart ,the truth is I've been on a journey to self heal and it takes longer than I expected it to be ✨I've been both anxietic and depressed for quite some time and to break the walls I've confined myself in and to keep things positive ,when you're entire life you've held on to your negative bolny is something I'm learning more about everyday. I've finally gotten the courage �� �� to speak about it ☺️ and it feels great �� so thank you to all those kind souls who worried about me , I'm better now and breathing well ❤️ bless you all and always be happy and for my writing i shall soon commence and visit your pages for sure thank you for tagging me I'll make sure I read the work of all ✨���� till then keep shining my stars ✨ ☺️���� God bless ✨❤️

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    You heal when you wish for it to be, like the drifting night,your worries shall be gone.
    Awaiting for you shall be the dawn