• sumana_chakraborty 29w

    Masked emotions are naked and bare today
    They are adamant and erranding everywhere
    Open and exposed ,
    Puzzled ,anxious ,full of fear
    For they need nothing special
    But only the lives of the ones who are very dear.

    Souls are in dire need for vaccination
    They have all fused and merged
    And stand beneath one big umbrella of question
    Where is oxygen?
    Which is a fight between
    Death and existence.

    There's absolutely no pretension
    Hunger has faltered and subsided
    Stomach may be empty
    But heart needs oxygen today
    Patients need bed desperately .

    When hospitals have
    transformed into shelters
    Warmth of hands are
    sterilized with sanitizers
    Masks fail to resist virus
    We, people stand and tremble
    at the threshold of this precious life.

    So crude death can be
    So rude life can be
    Pandemic has snatched abruptly
    people's beautiful opportunity
    To live life.

    //But only masks can save life. How long ?Masked truth will have to surrender to that inevitable end one day. One day we are all destined to be masked under grey earth //