• nishutayal 41w


    I am tired of waiting ,
    Waiting for you to miss me .
    And meet me to spend some time ,
    I miss laying on your lap,
    Cuddling you till we fall asleep
    And tell you how i feel ,
    Lately I have this feeling ;
    I am losing you with each passing day .
    You don't ask me these days,
    If i am happy or i wish for something .
    When i ask you to meet or try to talk ,
    Seems like you just avoid it with excuses ,
    I agree to fact you are busy and tight,
    But do you realize it hurts, hurts a lot.
    To be on the waiting end always.
    So , finally i am giving up trying ,
    And will wait till you break this routine,
    And come and hug me with love
    because i don't have strength
    As I am too tried to try again

    ©Nishu Tayal