• _itz_all_chaos_ 49w

    There are lots of things that I've learned from there are lots of things teaching me.
    There is a pattern I'm trying to break.
    Some habits I'm trying to remedy.
    Every day, as soon as I wake up i deliberate about self, and a step closer to self - realization.
    I've com to realize that the self I possess is a highly flawed one.
    But in order to travel on the path of self-improvement I need to accept my latest version of flawed self, I need to love it first.
    In order to equip myself with kindness and empathy I need to realize and acknowledge what I lack in.
    I need to step outside my comfort zone and taste the thrill of what I was afraid to try before.
    I might not be fun, but an exciting adventure might be waiting for me.
    In any case I will be blessed with lesson and experience. So, I guess there is no loss for me.
    And in order to travel on this path of improvement, I need to start acting on my realisations.