• mr_finch 17w

    I don't know what's going on these past few days. By evening, my thoughts just go back to nothingness and, once again, feel empty!

    #travel #wod

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    That place

    No light to be seen
    More of a nightmare than a dream
    This was how it's always been
    And I'm back, so it seems.

    I've been here before
    I don't really wanna come back
    This place just takes more and more
    And those things never come back

    This place is scary
    No other place could be like this
    But it's somehow a sanctuary
    For my heart that's breaking piece by piece

    There's no escaping here
    Whether you fight or surrender
    You'll see your true face here
    And you'd wish you'd never remember

    I wanna leave this place now
    And forget every single thing
    But this place has endowed
    Me both of everything and nothing

    The darkness is scary
    But now it's also home
    I know it's kinda crazy
    But it also calms me to the bones.