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    Dear You

    Dear you,
    Friends love, friends care, friends misunderstand, friends stay mad, friends get angry, friends hurt, friends fight, but they never leave. 
    Sometimes some friends need you more than you need them. Sometimes they are confused, sometimes they are not in control, sometimes they can be unreasonable, but they never stop loving you. You are never less important to them. They know that sometimes they hurt people close to them and this hurt them the most. 
    Anxiety, sometimes, takes away the rationality and they shouldn't be judged on the basis of that. They are trying. Even though they are tired and don't want to try, they still do. 
    They are not looking for any validation from you. They want you because they love you, they care about you and sometimes, maybe, need you.
    They do not want to depend on you for something they are dealing with. They do not want to carry their baggage for them. 
    All they want is you to listen to them sometimes, tell them sometimes that you love them, call them sometimes, talk to them, ask them how they are doing, tell them stories, laugh with them, tell them that you need them too, meet them whenever you can, sit with them and hug them. Give them a hug please, because you might be the only one they share this connection with.
    Do anything you want, just don't leave, never leave. And even if you have to leave sometimes, always come back. Please...
    Yours truly