• taetae_ 8w

    Iss waqt ki mujhe khwaish nahi, pehle se hi kahin thi yeh dil mein chupi.....

    World split into two hemispheres to chose between sun and moon, while I start to choose between mornings and nights, which I never get to decide or choose. I'm walking on the same street that I did years before, but this street lost all it's aesthetic values. Not a fort is the same, not a street vendor thinks like before. Not have I changed or the evening. Dew stands on my head like before earth begins to rotate.

    Altered dresses don't fit standards anymore, as people chose characters by dresses. Books level up, but kids stay the same.....dumb. By the twilight, sunsets manage to get out of my memories, while I'm still editing my assignments carefully. The same reel of bohemian beaches full of orthodox shores, carefully delivering shells and pearls on for some gypsy souls. By 5, Amit trivedi and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy duelling with Sulaiman and Mohit Chauhan, I'm still chasing between stars, that I don't belong to. Well, they don't know how much they helped me all through my years on earth.

    Flower child cornered by autumn, whispers about spring-tales wanting a beautiful year. Ranting about unknown people, setting myself some boundaries, I overthink the nth time before I see my clock turn from 1 to 10. It's easy to count numbers, but easier to pass time thinking around, when some birds fly past my balcony. It's still the same day and some drizzle makes it better as I miss sunshine with my morning cup of coffee.