• madhu_1117 45w

    A Fool

    I m a fool to have given my heart to him
    He don't even bother how I feel...
    It's the day just before my birthday
    And yet I m sitting all alone in darkness,
    With an empty heart,
    And big balls of tears in my eyes,
    My lips are all dried up now;
    The veins in my forehead are popping out
    My heart hurts... It really does
    He have chosen to keep silent,
    And I never asked for an explanation
    A simple 'I love you' was what I have longed for
    He will not understand now
    But I m sure he will regret to not have valued me,
    When I valued him the most..
    He pushed me away..
    And I m fine with it
    But he will never find me in the place where....
    He left me all alone with an broken heart..