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    Guys! I hope this simple words will heal our inner world.
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    Visit your inner self daily
    That's the only sweet home.
    Pay a visit to your inner self,
    You will find your true self.
    You will realise your divinity.

    Do not ignore nor scare of journeying
    to your sweet home.
    That's the only beautiful world
    Where you will find your worth.
    You will meet your forever friend
    That's you and you alone.

    Sometimes you break down,
    crushed, torn apart and wounded.
    And at times you hide it;
    want to give up, put the mask
    of artificial smile.Try to alterate it.
    But that's not the end or way of solving it.

    Be calm with your inner self like the ocean.
    Mend every scar one at a time.
    Do not be in hurry;
    Have patience always.
    Decorate with positive energy
    Embrace each crack of your sweet home.

    Do not expect from the outer world
    A garland of comforting words
    First you have to visit your own sweet home
    Because only you are having
    the master key of it.

    I am sure at least once you visit
    You will find the real treasure in sweet home.
    If not how would you allow
    others to enter in it?
    So it's your own responsibility
    to love, care and heal
    your inner self_the sweet home.

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    Pay a visit to your sweet home.