• broken_figments_of_imagination 59w

    'Perfect in imperfections
    Flawlessly flawed
    Bending all rules of reality
    Breaking its laws'....
    I hoped that...
    That was the kind of love
    That our intertwined fingers will draw...
    Never realised that a strong hust of wind
    Is all that's required to blow away a hat of straw

    The dreams we dreamt fell apart
    Like many a house of cards
    Hearts clashed and cracked and shattered
    Leaving behind a thousand of broken shards.
    Nothing is more painful than..
    A few unspoken feelings and unsaid words...
    No matter how much it is happy in a prison
    Freedom is all, that rings in the cry of a caged bird..

    I sat alone, tonight, on our swing
    Hearing the wind making the branches creak
    My heart pains at your absence..
    Have you really forgotten me?
    Are we once again playing some twisted game of hide and sneak...?