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    Prayers with the Afghan People ��

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    Fallen City

    As lights in the city go off,
    darkness peeks in its cunning face,
    in the form of ruthless monsters,
    heartless, without an iota of mercy.

    As voices of dissent get crushed,
    wailings of bereaved mothers echo,
    the cities fall like a pack of cards,
    in the hands of the wicked puppet masters.

    As the politicians wash their hands of,
    it's the innocent citizens who suffer,
    of children with a forgotten childhood,
    of people with an unknown homeland.

    As the clock ticks twenty years back,
    pens get displaced by guns,
    women veil their faces and identity,
    and men watch as history repeats itself.

    As the whole world sleeps through,
    someone's world is falling apart,
    forget the boundaries that separate us,
    aren't we all humans with the same color
    of blood? When did humanity feel so heavy?

    ~As the air seemed safer than the land,
    people clinged on to the last rope of hope,
    but only to fall in the already dug deathtrap,
    dug by people who seeded grenades instead
    of love, harmony and peace~