• exploitedsole 19w


    A misfit in my own mind I do not belong here. My thoughts sit in silent judgment. While I kneel cowering in fear. The silence is most deafening. And my thoughts they are most cruel. They pass their judgment quickly and label me a fool. I try to defend myself from this treason before my thoughts can banish me from reason. But there is no winning here, my thoughts they are abrasive. And when they cast me out they are also quite persuasive.
    Where do I go from here, my thoughts are of no help now. I start walking down the road of darkness furrowing my brow. A faint red glow pierces through, lighting up my way, bathing me in warmth, and beckons me to play. I've made it to my heart and this is where I'll stay. My mind never cared for me much anyway.
    I've been in the dark for so long that the light is overwhelming but I've finally found my place and my heart is much more welcoming.