• alisdaire_ocaoimph 29w

    Whispers of pain

    I dont know how it starts
    This jagged edge that cloaks our form
    Holds all to the ransom of love, yet cuts deep
    Those warring sighs within, this silent death.
    That our days may be numbered by
    The faces we blessed, shared and cared
    Upon the vision of our soul, but this love
    I have never felt such before, that burns me deep
    Tears apart the living being of me and finds eyes
    Heavy to the tear drained empty, yet i cry.
    True love, how seldom one finds that eternal gate
    That joins itself all together in the depths of its being
    Till one moments happiness is filled with saddness
    The soul screams its lonely vigilance into depths of heaven.
    Who understands this woe, this bitter foe
    That dresses itself in the fashion of love
    Yet lingers along the fringe of the mind into dispair and loss.
    Who can love so deeply, uniquely and hold this flame
    Without feeling its burning want, that desire
    That floods and fills us all into such a blessed state
    Only to find, that some burns at times to deep
    That it consumes itself out.
    But this love, oh God how i feel it, know it
    For that of which it is..destiny.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph