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    Embodied this ever long writing( letter) for you.❤ Please whoever you're meet me soon. Hath dard ho gaye the aapke liye likhte likhte�� It exaggerated me so well, that now not able to sleep. Imagining more about you��.
    Hell, 'm so desperate for you stupid.��

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    Dear Mr. Teddy Bear[♡2]

    22.09.20; 12:05 AM (India)

    (cont'd) Trust me, that 3 magical words are so microscopic in front of my yearnings for you. You are mine and will be mine till my last breathe( after that, meet me in the hell/heaven). And another kind reminder, not gonna loose my weight for you. Expect the same from you. Just be my teddy.
    I'm fond of soft spongy teddy bears more than a ridged and furrowed body( after all we'll all need a good sleep. Isn't it?).
    See, i don't want any complications between us. I'm simple and straightforward( may be because of my upbringing and dumbness). I only understand, truth or lie, peace or war, victory or loss, LOVE or NOTHING. No intermediates & temporary feelings. As i want ya, need ya eternally. I will not say that "hey, 'm upset nor will stop you to steam your eyes from the hot, sexy, slim etc. etc., girls. Rather will comfort you by giving a bright fake smile. Jaise mekko koi fark hi nahi padtha. But andar se i'll be dying. It should be you to understand that. Dard hota hai(may be 'hoga' is the apt. one) yaar, aapko kisi aur ke sath dekh kar. Please don't even flirt with them also. I never did it. Apart from love and romantic, there must a place for respect , trust, faith & understanding in our space. Just love me, be with me, drench in me and i shall triple(itna ki aap soch bhi nahi sakte) that for you. Here, 'm restraining myself, being untouched and untrapped from the filthy human baits. And *i promise* will be the same until you hold me. Oye, 'm fleeting in the stream of strong emotions... *blushing*.
    Time to wind up the letter. But this isn't the end mere swami(*laughing hard with an awkward blush*). There are many more things which are yet to share with you, some girly desires ( as you know, can't hide anything from you. don't want that). While watching any of the fairy tales, love stories etc.., i always think about you. Even cry watching a romantic movie thinking that mere sath aisa kyu kuch nahi hota! I'm not a regular girl ab tak toh pata chal hi chuka hoga warna aise "future permanent" ko kon chitthi likhta hai without even knowing the address!
    I hope you will be reading this letter of mine. Or maybe gonna read soon. Aww can't see you looking at me. Stop you paglu. Hope you're doing great(pehle hi bolna tha but koi na aadat daal lo mere harkatoon ki). I think abhi i shall pause this letter otherwise, it may end up into a novel of my lame talks!
    May the devine bodies bless our bond. Meet me soon before my feelings puffs into ashes. See ya!! (don't know when, how, & where).
    143 you hamesha❤

    Yours solemnly,
    Umm.. ok no pseudonym, it's Srishti