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    My crown bears a weight
    Which your feeble shoulders can't carry.
    I've seen things
    From which you would shield your eyes.
    I've heard things
    Which, if you were me, would make your ears bleed.
    Believe me, if I let you take a look inside my mind,
    You would never be able to fathom even the tiniest of thing you'll see.
    Because all your life, you've seen gardens filled with daisies and roses
    While I have seen barren grounds and felt the thorns under the roses.
    You smiled because of roses.
    I bled because of the thorns.
    Oh yes, I've seen bloodshed.
    I've seen laughter trying to suppress the crying
    I've seen people die inside slowly and steadily.
    I've seen changes, bad ones.
    I've seen poets forgetting to write and forgetting their words.
    And holding this, is the crown I wear.
    So tell me? Will you be able to fathom all of this?
    These are only words but when you actually feel this,
    Will you be able to accept the sadness of the world
    While all the time you've been shielded from melancholy and gloom?
    More than that, will you be able to absorb the fact that even after knowing all of this, I don't feel any grief?
    Can you believe this?
    I would suggest you go live in that dream world of yours
    And not to grow up too early.
    The real world sucks and you're not ready to be welcomed in it.
    So it's okay love
    You don't have to understand everything.