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    I am a mess.

    P.S. too deep into fantasy novels... Inspired by a series called Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater!

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    How badly do you want to
    Bring something out of your dreams
    An otherworldly flower
    A rare book
    A lost friend
    All that you conjured up
    In the unending space inside your head

    What if you dream about a place
    That doesn't exist
    And you wake up to believe in it
    You rummage through GPS
    And maps and globes
    You will yourself to trust
    That it wasn't surreal

    What if you saw yourself dead
    In a dream closer to nightmare
    You would wake up
    And check your pulse
    How would you interpret it
    A wish or a fear
    Or mirth or a silent slipping tear

    What happens if you catch
    A falling star and it turns to mist
    Would you pinch yourself
    To make believe that it is a dream
    Or keep stargazing
    Until the sky seems to scream
    And clue you in on the joke

    Would you want to never sleep
    Would you want to never dream
    What if a dream seems too good
    To be just a dream
    Which side would you tip towards
    While walking on the thin line
    Between dreams and reality