• fadedautumns 186w

    Bittersweet desire

    Come near and I'll push you away
    It's the same old freaky game
    I wish I could shut you up but
    On your lips I love my name

    We keep chasing the clouds
    In our little lilac sky
    And I want to make you fall
    But I've never been this high

    There's fire in your intent gaze
    And spikes on your cupid lips
    I won't allow myself to trust you yet
    I love the feel of your fingertips

    I get this mad urge to hurt you
    And then a fierce defensiveness
    And I want to keep touching you
    But you're the artist, I'm the mess

    First I make you run after me
    Then I panic when you slow down
    And like this we keep going in circles
    Hit and run, lost and found

    At times I want to swear at you
    At others I want to kiss your face
    It's a bittersweet desire
    I never thought I'd know the taste

    But now I do, and it tears me up
    My thoughts run in contradictions
    All I want is to make you mine
    But I'm deathly scared of addictions