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    Bye. ��

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    God of Small Musings

    My conscience is crippled
    And the bones are all cracked;
    My tongue -- it's twisted,
    And mind, well, it's all whacked

    The ghosts of sweet summers
    Never leave the decayed castle
    And the fossils of everything I built
    Good things come to those who wait, they say
    But only the things left behind by those who hustle

    The light shines through
    And there's my arrow mark
    Wounds all bleed yet the scars will sing
    And before I know it, time will depart

    Have you ever heard
    the song of the dead bird?
    Ah, you must have stolen
    the peace of buried words

    Fire that makes glass
    melts it too
    And before you know it,
    bridges can be cages too

    Time doesn't move
    in a tomb so cold
    Now I am a part
    of the sacred and the bold

    I swallowed gasoline
    for the hollow men
    Throwing up my integrity
    To show just the hollow I was
    And how, just like them

    Darkness isn't as harsh as light
    Never did darkness ever hurt someone's eyes
    Don't come to me for optimism
    I'm not the one who boosts morale in a fight
    Unless you want a sickly
    Sugar coated lie

    I allow the smoke
    The me
    The present
    To be together these days
    Lest the voices should remind me
    To dissolve into thin air.

    I've faced rejection more times than I can count
    That's why it's the only thing I can actually block out
    I'm not a fan of the self righteous man
    I'm more of a personification of doubt.

    Not everyone can fly without wings,
    Nevertheless I try to become the god of small musings.