• angels_halo_shines 59w

    I will be the first to admit, I did wrong.
    So, I did wrong. I raised my kids wrong.
    I am a shitty mother. I did the best I could. My husband I did the best we could. No welfare system. We worked. And I am still being judged, like I did so much wrong. I have done wrong. I got into drinking, and drinking more. I was convinced I had lost my mind. The thing is I never lost my mind. I just have always been different. My family wants to judge, and find it amusing. And wonders why I have no part in their damn condescending game play. During the past 3 years, my family has no seen me, I have grown. Spiritually grown. Which means nothing to them. Because they don't believe in it. So, in all aspects I may just be a dillusional piece of shit.
    I had made a promise to myself, to help my family first and foremost. That quickly got broken. You can't help your own. And mom says, if I have no money how in the fuck can I help her? I can't. So now I am nothing to here, or my oldest daughter. That shit hurts. I can't even lie.
    I never walked in to this life saying oh man, I have all the answers... I am so perfect. I was born in to this life a pawn, and I'm gonna leave being the best woman I can be. I am thankful for all the friends and family I do have. I love you all.

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