• xavilla 6w

    She isn't the easiest girl to Love. She has this bad habit of over thinking, she tends to overeact more than she should, and she gets a little insecure every. once in a while. She isn't capable of fully trusting you, she doesn't know when to stop fighting with you even if she's wrong, and she has no problem pushing you away if she feels like you're close to hurt her. She'll be needy for your attention, she'll want to literally take up all your time, & she'll require a lot of reassurance. Loving her means you get to see her at her worst and most vulnerable and that is something.. that you'll have to be strong enough to handle because she needs someone who's patient enough to understand why she is, who she is today. It's not gonna be an easy relationship with her. But if she is in love with you, then she can promise that you'll be loved with such passion and intensity that you'll forget what life felt like before she came along because she'll always be there to put your heart back together. Maybe she's not the best at being loved, but she's pretty amazing at Loving.

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    Maybe she's not the Best at being Loved
    But she's pretty Amazing at Loving