• kgmpho 61w

    To You

    I try to fight it back
    I fight it to my breaking point
    I want to say it
    But I'm afraid of what comes after

    Will it push you away or make you stay
    Will you feel the same after
    I fight it to protect you
    Yet it hurts me not to
    I want to shout it to the world
    But what follows may break us

    They won't understand how or why
    For me it's fits
    Like a puzzle complete
    I may have found my missing piece
    I need strength to say this
    I know I'll crumble after
    So many emotions
    Ones I can never control

    Truth is...............
    I have fallen for you
    In ways I never knew possible
    I am in love with you
    I have been for the longest time

    I just hope I didn't scare you
    Because I don't want to lose you