• czarcasm 20w


    Dark was the night
    That caressed my hair
    Sensual the movement
    The fluidity of the rain

    The tapping of you
    Upon the leaves in the forest
    Distract me from my dilemma
    A peaceful break

    Sticky was the fluid upon my hands
    Barely seen until lightening striked
    A stark red
    Against a background of white

    I had gone too far this time
    I would admit that
    But I always did that
    Something I couldn't control

    I would have to burn these clothes
    The rain only to wash it away
    To get it off my skin
    The copper smell reminded me of pennies

    It amazing how I was able to stand here
    In complete silence
    After the malicious act I had committed

    And I had enjoyed it
    But I didn't enjoy this
    It welded itself to my skin
    The water in the flashes of light
    A deep red
    Slowly lightening until it was gone

    Everything but me
    And the indistinguishable figure
    On the ground
    They themselves had been a serial killer
    And thought I was just another victim

    Little did they know
    That there was something even worse
    Than them
    And now they were dead
    As the many victims before

    And I stood yet again the victor
    Clothes stained in red
    Some would say dead in the eyes

    The body beside him
    Stabbed multiple times
    The memory of blood going everywhere
    A beautiful horror even to me

    What was I?
    A murderer?
    Im just like you
    If I walked past you wouldn't even see me
    Blind are you to the mundane before
    That move about their day

    The sound of the shovel
    The clapping of thunder
    The tapping of rain
    My own concert
    As I dug their last resting place
    They didn't deserve a proper burial
    But I have to do it right
    And when I walk away

    It'll be as if none of us