• maestral 8w

    #end #miraquill

    Did I even understand the prompt properly? Idk what I've written ��

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    A tomorrow beyond all yesterdays

    Let us tear up the old letters
    And write some new ones
    How long shall we await the return of the lost melody
    How long shall we wait to remember
    On which trees we had put chalk marks by which to return

    Many a shower has since passed by
    Many a wind carried many a tune away
    What is washed bears no traces
    And somewhere a new world has opened up for us

    In that forest stream let us bathe
    The clear blue water rinsing our tarnished skin
    the water washes away the soot in our hair
    The chill makes us so young again

    In that naked acceptance there is no shame
    In that embrace there is a purity of innocence
    In that sparkle in the eye there is a promise
    Of a tomorrow beyond all yesterdays