• dipsisri 7w

    Hey you.

    I decided to stop writing for you but the reality is my every poem,words & writings belongs to you only.
    I never said this thing to you maybe this is why now I want to said this out loud now in infinite sky "I have loved you with all my heart".I was so used to be loved by you but now that you've left it kills me every single day.I just know this maybe now you've stopped loving me or the love faded away but there was a time you were so deeply in love with me.Remember! We used to listen to the same playlists.Whenever I see those songs it gives me reminiscences of 'You'.I am not even able to listen to them.I have cried every night thinking about us.Why it didn't last forever?I have lost my faith with this word forever now I just want with the people I am in the present moment I want to live this.One day they may also disappear like you did but it won't hurt anymore because the pain I had after your leaving can't be compared.I just want you to be happy wherever you are.I am not even angry with you I just worry about you.You don't have any idea how much I love you?It is alright if you're not aware of my love but writing this out makes me feel better that I have love you endlessly and will love always.I will never be able to forget about any little thing which is connected with you.And yes I miss you.

    ~Your Immature Girl.

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    To the boy I once loved.