• nawikrita_t_rai 104w

    In Pieces

    Flashbacks. Falling. Failing. Fading.
    A taunt here, a scoff there
    Is enough now to trigger what lies suppressed in here
    Early memories of muffled cries
    Wiping off a tear before it dries under the pressure of disappointed eyes.

    The stupid child seeking love
    The dull one trying too hard to be loved
    Beaten for a half, hated for a quarter reasons
    Liked for a little, her existence always in pieces.

    She tells me that she is on the outside
    Of love, of life- an outsider
    Like in the indefinite time between two snapshots
    Or at the bottom of a dried flower pot;
    I peep into their hearts, I lay it bare
    A nobody- I don't find her there.