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    If you have lost someone
    that was once a beautiful part of
    your life, remind yourself that energy
    cannot be created or destroyed,
    it can only be transformed that
    is a scientific law. Everything in this
    world exists within a cycle our bodies,
    the nature around us, the stars,
    the whole entire universe.
    Everything is constantly going
    through phases of life and death,
    and if we think of that law,
    we can appreciate those periods
    of evolution, those periods of death,
    and reframe that as periods
    of transformation. The energy that
    exists within that person,
    the love you shared,
    the hope you felt- it is never gone.
    It exists out in the world somewhere.

    Because the truth is we never really
    lose the people we lose. They are
    in the sunsets, and in the rain,
    and in the forests, and in laughter,
    and in the music that takes
    our breath away. We never really
    lose their love, their beauty,
    because that energy doesn't
    disappear it just finds new
    ways to reach us.