• whitewings 194w

    Aren't you?
    Of my never ending aches and pains.
    Listening to my stories
    of betrayals and heartbreaks.
    Waiting patiently
    for me to wipe off my tears
    and pen down something bright
    just for once,
    after all these years.
    I know you are.
    And it's okay to be.
    For nobody loves sad people you see.
    But I'm grateful
    Grateful because you chose
    to send some kind words my way,
    that helped me survive
    when I wished I was dead.
    So leave if you please.
    After all, you've the right and responsibility
    to save your own sanity.
    And no, don't you worry about me.
    I'll be fine.
    Go at my own pace,
    take my own time.
    Maybe someday even reach
    where I was meant to be.
    Forever remaining indebted to thee
    for being a part of my journey.