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    There's no trick or treat!

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    'Army ants' are infamous for their notoriety and predatory prowess. Under their societal hierarchy, there are three levels or sub groups namely, the queen, the soldiers, and the workers. The queen breeds, the soldiers do the heavy work and the workers are involved in the intricacies of menialness.

    Physically, the army ants are blind and they have to rely upon a different mechanism for navigation, communication, figuring out a pivot or a peril etc. They release a chemical known as pheromones which they pick up and transmit using their antennae which are one of their main sensory organs.

    'Ant Mill' is an intriguing spectacle that occurs in their ranks. It has been observed that when some army ants split from their rummager group losing the pheromone path, they tend to follow each other in a perpetual circle that terminates after they have excruciatingly died due to sheer exhaustion. It is also termed as a 'death spiral'.

    Interestingly, when this event is elementarily extrapolated, it does bear a resemblance to our lives. We believe or boast of a tangential escape yet always follow the encircled eventualities, all leading to a certain end.

    The clockwork eventually wears out after all the delusions of dictations and the decisions. We are meant to be a terminal travesty and there's nothing much we can do about it.

    Sure the grandiosity of purpose, pleasures and the philosophies can keep us amused for our own sake. Yet if we observe, the planets, the sun too are following the suit and would eventually be a subset of nothingness.

    So there is our volition, vehemently mistaken, I guess.