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    For us in the Christian faith, wherever the saints gather to worship and fellowship is different names.

    It is popularly called, church
    sometimes, it is also called; the house of God
    Other times, it is called Zion

    Whatever it is called, the place is a scared place, and we believe that, when we gather in that place, the presence and power of God is available to do healings, miracles, signs and wonders...and over the years, we have seen that happen all over the world.

    So, permit me to invite you to the Christian Church close to you this coming Sunday and experience God through His Son Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit!

    Thank you☺☺☺

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    I was glad when I was told,
    let us go to the house of the Lord,
    to join the saints bought by the Lord,
    in raising holy hands in worship of our God,
    gather as a family to learn the person of our Lord.
    Everything but the house of the Lord, can be on hold,
    when it is time to go to the house of God.

    I was glad when I got to church,
    pains and worries left in a rush,
    fullness of joy took over with so much rush,
    my crawling faith got revitalized in church,
    my understanding came alive with a gentle touch,
    I get transformed every time I go to church.

    In zion, deliverance and holiness have both found a home,
    the Lord Himself is the builder of this home
    ...said of Zion, the law shall confidently stroll out of you,
    your reign shall see no end,
    the gate of hell shall fail to see your end,
    I AM, shall forever abides in you.