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    How to shatter an introvert's home?

    (Fill them till they are empty.)
    You enter in their home
    when they are the most
    comfortable by themselves,
    when they never felt
    the need to
    let some one in,
    you make them believe
    there's something missing,
    they are not whole,
    they lack
    love in their life,
    their home is not a home
    without the
    other person,
    you go inside
    from the front door
    when in real,
    they never wanted to
    welcome you.
    they'll believe you,
    they'll suddenly give
    their all to you,
    their everything,
    their favourite jewels
    from heart to soul,
    they'll break all the walls,
    doors and windows
    to let you in
    completely in a hope
    that you'll be there
    to provide shelter,
    they'll start living with you,
    you'll become their
    favourite habit,
    they'll get addicted to you,
    they'll believe
    and trust you
    for completing their home,
    they'll finally love you
    with all their heart
    after losing all of them,
    they'll give their all to you,
    they'll love you insanely.

    But then,
    you'll realise
    their love is too much,
    they are too much,
    they are too soft
    and delicate
    to be loved,
    you'll say- you never want to hurt them
    but despite this all
    you'll hurt them to the core,
    you'll never give them the love
    they deserve,
    you'll leave them in pieces,
    first from the ventilation,
    from the spaces in between the doors,
    from the windows,
    and finally
    you'll leave
    not from the one you came
    but from the
    in the back
    of their home
    and they'll always let you in
    because they don't
    know how to let someone out,
    they can keep only some people
    so they locked their door
    in the beginning
    as soon as you entered their home,
    to prevent themselves
    from other people
    and they are locked since then
    till now,
    they don't open for anyone else
    but for you,

    They don't share much with people,
    so they start keeping
    everything to themselves,
    this is how their home turns into
    a baggage so heavy,
    they hate letting someone in
    but they badly need someone
    to come in
    to reconstruct
    torn and worn
    but they will not be able to.
    They'll turn into a helpless being.

    You'll break their home
    in pieces
    they'll still try to 'Not-call it broken'
    they'll try their best to
    feel complete
    and full,
    they'll never blame
    for their
    broken home
    and heart
    and this is how
    they'll just hurt themselves.
    You'll teach them many
    from self-love to self control
    but they never wanted to learn those lessons.
    You'll tell them, you'll warn them in the beginning but you'll forget,
    you'll forget to tell them
    about self-love
    before breaking their home,
    about fixing it all,
    about how to bear the loss,
    about how to make it look normal,
    about how to feel FULL again.

    This is how you'll break a introvert's home
    and this way,
    you don't only break their home
    but their faith, trust, belief in
    in letting someone else in,
    because they now have this
    somewhere in their heart that
    people only enter your home
    just to steal You from yourself,
    they only enter to shatter your HOME,
    that people can't heal you,
    people can't make you,
    people can't love you the way you need to be loved,
    But they'll teach you the most important
    that is to love yourself,
    It's just you and you
    who can love yourself totally,
    who needs to be taken care of.
    It's just you,
    who should be given proper
    who should be loved
    and loved
    and it's just you
    who can love yourself
    the way
    you deserve to be loved.

    //There comes some people in our life who only teaches us to love ourselves more and more.//

    This is how you successfully break an introvert's home.

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