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    You might know how to measure the sugar left in the jar in your kitchen, you might know how you can compare your height with your sibling and then tease them but here is something you even might not have thought of measuring : the cozyness in your relationships. Ever sat beside your collegue and felt uncomfortable when none of you could find any topic to discuss on or felt like he/she might be getting bored, leading you to bite your nails or give each other an awkward smile.
    Imagine the same situation with your best friend. Its rarely that two best friends are quite but when they are they share a peaceful silence. None of them gets over attentive on themselves.
    The silence is the measure of the cozyness, the bonding and the love between the people. Sitting beside your lover gazing the sky might be the best example.
    Next time you are stuck in the situation of uncomfortable silence, remember me.
    By Muskan Sadana

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    Comfortable silence