• nehapujari1299 45w

    To that person I will always miss

    "I miss you everyday,
    Yet I refuse to talk to you or let you talk to me,
    Cos I know your love is making me fall in love with you everyday,
    Away from you hurts me,
    But close to you I can't refuse loving you,
    I will admit it someday I know,
    I'm broken, I'm hurt, I'm in pieces,
    And you are whole,
    You are worthy of love that makes you grow,
    That supports you,
    That gives you hope,
    That makes you stronger,
    Gives a beautiful smile on your face everyday,
    Brings sparkle to your eyes,
    You are worthy of someone whole,
    A broken person cannot love wholely,
    Though I try to be my best everyday,
    I'm good at hiding my feelings for you,
    I miss you everyday,
    But you deserve someone whole with whom you can complete your dreams "