• versos_rayadas31 86w

    The drum of my ancestors

    The sound of the drum reverberates in my veins,
    It calls out my ancestors of years long past from the very drops of my blood.
    I can hear their song sing with every beat of my heart,
    With each beat they call my name.
    They remind me of my roots,
    They tell me to not forget.
    They weep.
    I carry them with me,
    Working hard to heal their pain through my own.
    Every time I heal, they heal...
    I repair the broken path and create a new one.
    Liberating the chains of generational wounds,
    Discovering g a new way of being.
    As I walk toward the light, wind, water and mountains,
    I breathe recovery into life,
    transcending it into my legacy.
    ©Rita Vigil
    @versos.rayadas on IG

    #selflove #selfacceptance #selfhealing #generationalwounds #healer #lookinward #breakcycles #createnewpaths