• anne_verse 25w

    I miss....

    I miss
    Deep conversation with just anyone,
    A stranger who was struck with a question that led him/her to think deeply and reflect on one's journey.

    A friend who thought about the last convo we had and searched one's heart about it and willingly share one's soul.

    An acquaintance who suddenly called you and shared his/her story about how she overcame a struggle and wanted to share his/ her journey with you.

    Quirky friends who are witty enough to share their problems yet they can laugh about it, they can see the light behind it.

    Strolling in the midnight while we hold hands and feel each other's presence and not demand a single word to compensate the silence.

    Oh, i miss how the moon shed its light for me not to stumble at night while getting lost in the darkness of the night.

    Oh how I miss to be at present, to be in the moment, to be seen, to be touched in the right spot where I know I will always belong.

    Oh, how i miss to be held like there's no tomorrow and that the world is just the warmth of our breaths and the sound of our heartbeat.

    Oh how I miss...