• blackpopeye 60w

    Something about your presence

    Waking up to your morning breath
    Its impossible to hold it in, dam she fine
    Only if you knew the exact epitome of goddesses
    And sunlight your presence shines like Pearl's surrounded by grandma's hands
    Drifting into the daylight with admiration and just
    Golden hair follicles like music notes to the wind I softly blow upon your neck
    "hey beautiful I made dinner"
    And the chills bombarded your skin
    Come on over to my place
    Theres a key at my front door and behind it is my world
    Covered by the blood and ready for you
    Your presence is unbearable and everlasting
    Peculiar to the blind and bold to the T
    You in that dress revealing only what my eyes
    Are meant to see
    Heaven on earth that's what that smile means to me
    Amazingly beautiful,
    so much amourenes behind those eyes
    .auspicious smile just pulchritude at its best
    Like milk baths with oatmeal and cream to your skin
    My lips can't bare too resist
    You just hit your hair done
    But weve never made love like this
    Let your love tumble and spin me outta control
    Let this passion flow smoothly thru your soul
    Tight as loyalty and strong like my fist
    Bold like like a flower surrounded by mist
    And firmly like my hands surrounding your waist
    Silk sheets and juices flowing I have to taste
    Your presence makes me work hard
    Dirty hands consistent I will continue this
    Construction job
    Build this empire and personally praise your throne
    Your crowned with elegance and your stand is delicate
    There is something about your presence
    I cant wait to rush home