• blurryface__14 25w

    What was so special about her?
    I don't know.
    Nothing anyone can pin point.
    Maybe, it was the little things.
    Unnoticeable, yet impactful.

    You know,
    She never wanted a perfect life.
    Instead she wanted a life "full of everything"
    Choices that turn out to be mistakes which eventually turn out to be new beginnings
    Adventures that lead to nowhere, but end up somewhere.
    Experiencing storms and the calm of ocean.

    She wanted happiness and experience sadness.
    She wanted...
    And everything in between.

    You know,
    She never wanted to be like everyone else.
    Going with the flow was never her thing.
    Going with the crowd never appealed to her.
    She was willing to be an outcast.
    She was willing to explore the untouched roads.
    And she was the bravest,
    Always true to herself.

    She wanted ups and experience downs.
    She wanted...
    And everything in between.


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