• tinaywillgo 91w

    Communicate even if it's hard. Couples nowadays make a mistake of ignoring their partner and expecting them to understand what's wrong when they're not letting them know there's a problem in the first place.

    Talk about your feelings and open up. Don't shove it inside and act like there's nothing wrong. Are you feeling jealous and insecure? Let your partner know. Had a bad day at work? Let your partner know. Did your partner do something that you didn't like? Let him/her know. The key is to be honest with your feelings and talk about it. If you can't communicate effectively, the understanding will dissolve and you'll be left with unnecessary fights that'll lead to even more emotional distress.

    Look, your partner cannot magically read your mind. Stop expecting them to "figure out" what's the problem when you're not even telling them in the first place. How do you expect to get taken care of and be understood when you're confusing the hell out of them with your actions? That's why good communication is essential for healthy relationships. You both have to be comfortable listening to each other. Talk about what's bothering you. Be honest with yourself and open up. That way, your partner will understand you from a rational and emotional standpoint.

    Be clear and transparent with what you have to say. Don't interrupt your partner when he/she is talking. Remember, patience is key and you have to be willing to listen carefully and with open ears in order to be understood. This way, both of you will avoid misunderstandings that could lead to further resentment, conflict, and anger.

    Talk about it and you'll feel better.