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    I think the word "Mother" is enough to describe their strength how strong and determined they are in every phase of their life��.#zodiac #latepost #mirakee #challenge
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    I don't know how much it relates to me but I wanted to write about zodiac once on my page :) though I don't think one zodiac can describe all of our traits.
    We are constantly evolving into something we can't ever define who we are.
    Fun fact : cancer are among the most mysterious zodiac too.
    That totally explains me : at the end of the day, why my home is my heart only.
    " In the end, only three things matter, how much you loved , how gently you lived , and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you " - Buddha

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    Some people know you,
    Some people understand you,
    And some people literally feel you,
    Yes that's a typical cancerian women.

    Most emotional yet one of the most powerful zodiac.
    Often called as the "mother"of all zodiac signs.

    The most caring, compassionate and empathetic people you may ever come across in your life.

    Highly intuitive and imaginative.
    A home to many hearts yet homeless themselves *high trust issues due to their vulnerability*
    Though Vulnerability is what makes them more stronger than most people.

    Moon rules them. Quite moody because of the emotional rollercoaster inside them.

    In short, Cancerian tend to be perfect blend of sweet and shy
    And on the other side crazy and wild.