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    It's been hard for me, faking a smile. And I know there are a thousand others like me who are going through tough times, and the pandemic is only making it worse for them. I as a writer wanted to connect with all such people, to have and give a feeling that neither you, nor me, nor anybody is alone. We are always together, and I think it's time I appreciate you all who have always stayed with me. Let's all just stay strong like this, fake a smile, pretend to be happy, and then one day, we'll not be pretending anymore
    I don't know why I am doing this, but sometimes giving love is all you need to be happy.
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    You Are NOT Alone

    I can't even imagine how hard it must be
    For the people who are suffering mentally
    But I am a sufferer too, I must tell you
    And you are not alone, we are always there for you

    We are people, we are emotions
    We are creators, we are the notions
    We are the questions searching for answers
    We are the music, we are the dancers

    We are the sorrows of the joy we lost
    We are a reflection of the times we fought
    We are the shadows, that merge in the dark
    We are the lessons, that made us what we are

    We are nothing but a group of painful smiles
    We are nothing but a journey of a thousand miles
    We are the tears that have drained our eyes
    We are nothing but the ponderers in sleepless nights

    We are happiness we lost on the way
    We are the confessions, too hard to say
    We are expectations that are broken
    We are feelings, yet to be spoken

    We are overthinkers whose minds have gone astray
    But we are the problems, that aren't here to stay
    We are the past that has merged into the today
    Just remember everything happens for good, and we'll be okay!