• storyteller_agam_ 91w

    WOMAN (PART:1)

    Dear Woman,
    There supreme power, the goddess, the one with all the strength. You are amazing and I truly appreciate your strength.

    You are so beautiful that everytime I see you, I get melted. The way you keep your baby in your stomach for 9 months and still with all the pain, look over the entire house. You are truly an worth appreciating art.

    All the mood swings you face when you have your periods on, feel like nothing when the flow a long. It pains, it aches and hurts but you still stand strong. I love how you always take a stand for injustice, women you are the only one who understand the emotions and feelings at their best!

    A mother, a housewife, a business woman working for her kids day and night. I have seen my mother doing it, no matter how much economic crisis she faces, she never tends to make me sad and give me everything just to see me happy.

    Woman! Woman is someone who can simply fish happiness in others happiness. Can make her family the happiest! The one who after marriage has to make her own home just if she is a guest there. She takes all the pain, till stands strong and smile at the end.

    Dear woman,
    You are amazing and I truly appreciate your efforts.

    From a growing woman
    To, all other women!

    Sending love