• itsssiya 9w

    My love

    MY LOVE 

    I have no words 
    That's probably absurd 
    But what else can I say 
    When I found someone who makes my day 
    Your smile lights up my world 
    Your laugh makes me feel so happy 
    When im sad when I'm blue 
    I think of you and I feel alright again 

    A day to a week to a month
    Let's continue this streak as long as we can 
    I promise to love you as long as you love me 
    I promise to never get jealous when you talk to girls 
    If you promise to not get jealous when I talk to boys 
    Cuz you you are my only love 
    Yea you you are most definitely enough 

    It's been a month 
    Here's to many more to come 
    You are the star in my darkest nights 
    You are the ocean to shore 
    You bring me comfort and love 
    Your the only thing I need 
    Here's to many more months with you