• 2trudrew 40w

    I don't think Im good enough...

    Im always alone,

    Im never at peace.

    I wonder 'why' till' every morsel of emotion has been stired into a mesh of discontent

    I don't deserve love...
    not if its only skin deep...

    Not shallow am I although my soul remains hollow

    Then again... My love can extend infinitely and even further still...

    Maybe love is the reason.

    Maybe love can answer every question of uncertainty the mind brings forth against the soul.

    Nothing is one way or another.

    Everything is interlaced and furthermore.

    Passing from one and unto the next.

    I unwittingly search for myself out there, casting out my own illusions.

    As if there's anything to find?!

    I'm right here.

    Not out there?!

    So instead I must search within myself for a world I wish were true.

    And from that I shall find enough inspiration and enough strength to change into the person I wish I could be.; And from that, the world that I am in.

    #purpose #inspiration #why

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    To Be Continued...