• imperfectlyperfect_ 33w

    We aren't afraid of heights; we are afraid of falling. We aren't afraid of love, we're afraid of being heartbroken-of anguish, of being alone. We aren't afraid of intimacy we're afraid if we show our whole selves to this world and the world won't like it. That once we are open we may be left. We aren't afraid of flying-we're afraid of not having control if something goes wrong, we're afraid of dying,

    Darling, I hope you risk. I hope you fall so you can only see the jump wasn't as big as you thought it was. I wish the ground to hit your feet and see your smile and your tears when you discover the space that was there all along.

    Darling, I hope you love-love so hard you may grieve for years and not because you're weak or you're soft but because you opened your heart with ferocious might and once the salt of the tears has run from your blood I wish you to exhale and fall into the heart of someone new.

    Risk----darling, risk.