• amsterdam 9w

    One ought, every day at least
    to bribe a mundane day,
    taste the succulent sun,
    imagine the sound of slow autumn,
    waltz with the moonlight,
    paint imperfections
    with palettes of a new dawn,
    discard leftover disappointments
    and casually speak about
    tragic fairytales.

    One ought, every day at least
    to sip coffee in the morning glow,
    have a slice of magic we call life,
    find a hiding place for sadness,
    remember pain without tears,
    forget the rules,
    shuffle familiarity and vulnerability,
    whip a love story out of crumbs of guilt,
    catch an early flight to forever,
    hum the minutes and seconds away,
    kiss a stranger and another one
    and find love without looking for it.

    #start #wod

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