• 2trudrew 40w

    Sometimes Im not the same person I'm used to being.
    Somehow, on occasion, I divert the steady wave of highs and lows I attend upon in the spiraling cork-screws of life's rollercoaster.
    Then all of a sudden, I fall off the tracks at an all too perfect point, rocketing me into an elevated euphoria of heightened understandings. Not of my own self and day to day illusions. But of ones that could jump track in the minds of some the most opinionated free-thinkers out there... Only those who dare to dream!

    So... No, sometimes I'm not the same person...
    Sometimes, "lonely" isn't the same numb perspective I'm used to stemming from...
    Sometimes, being alone offers peace in knowing everything is going to be alright.
    And no matter what the circumstances, Im going to be ok.
    Even if I die right now, it was all worth it.
    Because, while searching for what sets me apart from the the universe and everything in it...I have stumbled across the mysterious and she is beautiful.
    Her name is Eternal, her power, Infinite.
    And her reasonings.... are of possibility.
    And anything is possible.
    But all I know for sure, is that I am possible. - 2truedrew

    #possiblity #inspiration #reflection

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