• one_upp1 38w


    What I see is the pain
    Anxious, belief in the Savior
    Complacent, thinkin there's virtue in some patience
    There ain't no time if life is fading
    Afraid, taking risks is the game
    Shits changed,
    I now bare the weight of the shame
    Ambivalent, scared when I stare Nick in the face
    I get stuck in my head
    Where I'm imprisoned
    I been doing my bid there instead
    I live in fear n not of death,
    Not people, monsters, no enemies
    What I fear are these friendly entities
    From hell is what they're representing
    What I fear most is myself
    A mere ghost in a shell
    Envisioning watching me from a distance
    If this is hell,I picked it
    Not a victim, this shit is self-inflicted