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    Some random person comes into our life. Some of us make them our friends, some think of making them a life partner.

    But this random person is actually hiding his/her true face and they fool us with that fake mask of theirs.
    We gradually get addicted, can't live without them. Make them our first priority.

    But when time comes they take off their masks and reveal their true colours. Start blaming our innocence. We still try to convince them keeping aside all our anger, ego, attitude.

    Still they wont spare us. They'll curse us, hurt us by throwing badwords. They still won't stop they'll apprise everybody, that We're cruel.

    There dies humanity, trusts. Because innocent people are not spared in this selfish world.
    #liars #fakers #cruelty #inhumanity

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    Fooling innocents.
    Blaming their impurities.
    Is this a sign of humanity?