• tashi_choden 93w

    More than your dinner

    I dont talk much but when I do, its not about how your day is going or what you ate for dinner. I wanna talk about things that broke your heart, about the next door snore that disturbs your sleep, about the conversation you eavesdropped in the taxi, about the love that never worked out, about the nights that kept you thinking, about the clothes you saw through a window, about the sex you fantasize, about the stranger you fell in love with, about the house you wanna own, about the books you are planning to read, about the times that made u want to give up, about the times you hurt someone, about the mosquitoes that bit you, about the night queen that hurt your nose, about the nights you got drunk, about how you fit like a mitten with someone special, about the future that is so weak, about everything else but not how you are doing. Because I wanna know more than just your how-about.