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    The intention is clear. I don't wanna miss any chance to find you.�� Who knows you too are a Mirakeeian!����Don't you frown now��. Literally, i was so excited while writing this! Like, you're looking at me.�� This letter is only and only for my soulmate❤
    *pinken me*��

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    Dear Mr. Teddy Bear[♡1]

    21.09.20 ; 11:48 PM (India)

    Dear Teddy( lifepartner),
    hope you recognize me. If not then, hey it's me. your ... you can greet me by any dearly name. You know, it's been years i'm waiting for you(ofcourse not from my intermediate days). Don't know where you are,, what you do,, don't even know your name too(but whatever it is i'll call you by a pet name)!!. I have many things to share with you....! you know how excited i'm to meet you stupid!
    Okay, gonna add a tincture of my mother tongue hindi 'cause hindi is not a mere language, it's an emotion.
    Yaar tekko(sorry aapko) pata hai, along with all the needy people and creatures i pray for your wellbeing too.
    Yes, i do it every night before going to bed.
    Ah, i 143 you so much! Hope you too will or you do143 me. I search you in rain. I looked for you even in drain!( i know that's insane). Despite of all my inept attempts & efforts, till this very date we're distanced. :"( Okay okay, not getting senti. But you know, 'm so emotional. After the completion of my +2 i became a 'crying machine'. I cry often, even with or without any reason! Then at one phase it became a pleasurely deed for me. Now use to enjoy it. Because your dumbo(i don't care what "they" call me) believes, one should relive the each second of life! Listen( read actually), 'm not categorized under the "#typical girls" but when it comes to you, i may get jealous( may could be 'will be')
    Oh yeah, mere roshogolle(my fav bengali sweet ^-^) can't see you or your name beaded with some other female fink! I'm possessive in that case. The reason is, i fear of loosing you.
    (to be cont'd)...